Tronco marino in spiaggia coperto da un telo tessicanapa beige

A fabric that comes from afar whose recovery, today more than ever, represents a conscious, responsible, and ecological choice. The ancient hemp fabric that I use for my handmade creations is made according to the Italian tradition and keeps all its properties intact, from when it flows through my hands to when it arrives, carefully packaged, in the hands of those who buy my accessories and furnishings. But what makes hemp fabric so special? I’ll tell you a little about its history and characteristics.

Pochette di canapa e cotone adagiata su una pianta di aloe

How hemp fabric was made

From ancient times until the mid-twentieth century, Italy was one of the leading countries in the world in terms of production, quality and unit yield of hemp production. From North to South, there were many territories that invested in the so-called “green gold”, making it a pillar of the local economy.

The harvesting of hemp in the vast plantations began, in most of the country, at the end of summer: the bundles were kept under water thanks to the weight of large pebbles that facilitated the softening and maceration. The bundles were then laid out on the ground and dried under the warm sunrays of late August, so as to give the stems their typical shiny, sometimes coppery color. Once dry, the hemp strands passed to the scutching phase to be defibrated from the woody core. With the scutching, finally, the useful fiber was separated from all pieces of wood attached to it and therefore made ready for processing and spinning.

In the following years, because of a series of regulations related to the cultivation of hemp and the advent of new fibers and new processes, the sector ended up being gradually abandoned.

Only recently there has been a renewed interest in hemp cultivation, also thanks to the introduction of European norms that encourage its revival and contributions oriented towards the development of innovative techniques for its processing.

A 100% ecological fabric

Hemp fabric has natural characteristics that make it unique in quality and style:

  • it is fresh and breathable
  • it has a high resistance to rips and wear
  • it is suitable to be worn in all seasons
  • it is resistant to infrared and ultraviolet rays
  • it is completely natural
  • it has antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • its production respects the environment
Pochette di canapa vista dall'alto in un giardino
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