How did the Tessicanapa project come about?

I like to call Tessicanapa a project of heart and life, because it was born thanks to the special bond I had with my grandmother. The project took shape in 2021 starting from a piece of hemp fabric found in an old family chest. I designed and made my first creations on request, and then started a real production for my shop. You can find all the details about the origin of my project here

What characterizes Tessicanapa?

The recovery of hemp fabric that I use for my creations: it is exclusively Italian and fabric at the beginning of the 900, just like what I found in the old chest of my grandmother. I undertake to search throughout Italy for this fabric, I recover it and give it new life, creating accessories and furnishing accessories.

Very important is also the eco-sustainability of the fabric: the cultivation of hemp does not require the use of pesticides and requires a modest water consumption, in addition the ancient one was processed almost exclusively by hand, therefore producing a pollution close to zero.   

Finally, Tessicanapa is above all craftsmanship because every creation is created by me and handmade in an artisanal way.


What is ancient hemp?

From antiquity until the middle of the twentieth century, Italy was among the first countries in the world for production, quality and unit yield of hemp cultivation, from which to make textile fiber. Over time, the fabric was no longer produced, and the yarn remained largely unused. Do you want to know more? Read the history of hemp fabric

Why can each product be defined as a single piece?

Each Tessicanapa product is actually a unique piece. First of all because the fabric of ancient hemp is never uniform and has different shades, different weaves, sometimes even different colors, depending on the state of preservation of the fabric and the processing that was made at the time. In addition, since every creation is made by hand, it is the norm that there are no two equal products: even the small imperfections become witnesses of authentic craftsmanship.

What features does the hemp fabric have?

The hemp fabric has natural characteristics that make it unique, for quality and style:

• it is cool and breathable

• it has high tear and wear resistance

• it is suitable to be worn in all seasons

• it resists infrared and ultraviolet rays

• it is natural and environmentally friendly

• it has antibacterial and anti-rust properties

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